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Two-factor authentication - 2FA

Two-factor authentication (2FA), two-step login, or multi-factor authentication as it is sometimes also called, is an additional security protection you can use to prevent unauthorized people from logging in by overriding or guessing your password. The principle is based on requiring two (or more) parts to log in.

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A simple form of two-step verification supported by many online services (such as Gmail and Dropbox) is that when you first log in from a new computer, you receive an SMS with a one-time password that must be entered as a second password.

With the service Duo or Duo Security, there is a ready-made and very good solution for WordPress where you verify yourself through their App Duo Mobile. A push notification is created to the mobile phone and you choose to approve or decline the login.

Free up to 10 admin accounts in WordPress

With Duo, you get a secure solution with no ongoing monthly costs.
All you have to do is:

  • Decide if you want to enable 2FA on your WordPress site using Duo
  • Download Duo Mobile on Google Play or App Store
  • Place an order in the form below for us to install this for you.

Installation and Getting Started support €1,900
  • Setting up a free account on
  • We install the WordPress plugin and connect with Duo.
  • We activate Duo Push for our own users
  • We will help you by phone to get started with your respective users.

Want to discuss two-factor authentication? Please contact us.