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WordPress is the world's most popular publishing system for creating and managing websites. Today, we can build a WordPress solution almost any level of sophistication. With API integrations and ERP connections, we customize a solution. But who can build the WordPress lego right? Let us tell you how we work.

More than 40 percent of the world's websites are powered by WP

In May 2003, the first version of WordPress was published. It was the start of what would change the web forever. Its creator, Matt Mullenweg, is still active in the Automattic company that owns (the commercial version) and the WooCommerce e-commerce platform. The big reason for its success is due to four things.

Creating structure

User-friendly administration

For a new website to reach its full potential, you need a good structure for how you work with the content. With over 10 years of experience with WordPress, we bring our expertise to bear on how you work with your content. By avoiding excessive and complex plugins, tools, site builders and more, you get a clean interface with the WordPress feel we all love. We create the post types, categories, relationships and fields you need for your site. For example, it can be about courses you offer, conference rooms or offers that should be visible around the site. It's not rocket science, just smart.

The world's most future-proof system

Why rely on a system owned by one owner when you can choose one owned by all of us? Because WordPress is Open Source, you can sit back and be satisfied that you have chosen a sustainable, cost-effective and future-proof system. WordPress currently powers over 40% of the world's websites and is growing by about 50,000 websites every day, large and small. It feels good in your stomach - doesn't it?

WordPress talks to other services

As a developer and code breaker, the worst thing is to be faced with a locked and complicated system. With WordPress, it's the opposite. It is extremely open and well documented. For that very reason, there is a plethora of ready-made integrations with most world-leading services and systems. It can be about newsletter systems, CRM systems, business systems or e-commerce. If there is nothing ready-made, we develop a solution. We have many years of experience in system development and customized system solutions.

Think global, start local

Another great advantage of WordPress is its ability to scale. For example, it may involve building more subsites or adding new languages to the same system solution. Several of our clients work in different markets and run their sites in several languages. Then it is of course extra important that things like various tracking tags for Google Analytics and SEO work as expected. WordPress is built to handle this and we are ready when you go global.

What can you use WordPress for?

We at Tankbar always try to see the business benefits of a new website project. Much of that work is of course in the strategy. All sites we work with should generate business, closures or concrete purchases. We find a good solution, whether you sell products or services.

Physical or digital products

WooCommerce turns WordPress into a full-scale e-commerce site with product management, pricing, shipping, VAT, upselling and cross-selling, shopping cart, checkout and payment methods. WooCommerce is currently the world's fastest growing e-commerce platform.

Read more about how we work with WooCommerce.

Bookable conferences, venues or hotel rooms

Today, we work with the majority of Sweden's most important and best hotel and conference facilities. You could say that we know the industry pretty well. In addition, we have been working with Svenska Möten since 1996. Booking systems for the conference world are complex. By combining tailor-made forms and integrated booking processes, we can help you find a favorable solution.

Corporate website with lead generation

Just like on our own website, it is important to present your service or services. With a combination of the right strategy and conversion thinking, the website should generate leads and potential customers. Through various tools and arrangements, we help many customers with this today. This is followed up in Google Analytics through event tracking and tagging in Google Tag Manager.

Mobile-first information channel

For Skavsta Airport, information and accessibility are key factors. Through good analysis of customer behavior, in this case an information-heavy website was built with a focus on search, structure and navigation. Sometimes other factors are important, or a combination of several. We know that "mobile first" is an outdated concept, but in the future it will mean mobile, mobile and mobile again and for WordPress it is in the soul, since a long time.

This lego - what do you mean by it?

We believe that WordPress in its basic setup is like a Lego board. Then it's about how you build your Lego, which plugins and modules you choose to put in, how you build the structure of your theme and your code.

Read more about how we worked with WordPress in these projects.

Sånga säby mobile

Sånga hotell & konferens

Experiences for all senses in an environment that combines the tranquility of the countryside with the comforts of the city. Unique meeting places, extraordinary food experiences, and all in harmony with nature.

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Sörmlandsleden mobile


The aim is to give people the opportunity to enjoy easily accessible and unique nature experiences. About 200 members of the Sörmlandsleden Association work actively and voluntarily to keep the trail open and in good condition so that everyone can hike in our beautiful nature.

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