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Support and training

Operational security support means that experts are available to deal with any problems or questions that may arise about operations. Training of web editors is important to ensure that website content is accurate, relevant and meets the goals of the organization and the needs of users.


Support is a key part of the work of our operations engineers and involves providing technical assistance, solving problems and ensuring the smooth and reliable operation of various systems and infrastructures.

Often this involves troubleshooting, where we quickly and efficiently diagnose problems and incidents to come up with a solution. It can also be technical expertise that includes network knowledge, system administration, database management and cloud services, for example.

Whatever the case, you are always welcome to contact our support team.

Our service and support contracts include management where we keep the platform, plugins and modules up to date.

Education and training

Once we have finished developing a site, it is time to train web editors who have the fun task of filling the shell with content. This is where the web comes to life. To do this in the best possible way, it's time to go to school. This can be done remotely or on site with us.

There will be a thorough review of the CMS. It involves creating, editing and publishing content, managing images (cropping, formatting, scaling and compression) and links, following your organization's web guidelines and best practices. It includes page building, search engine optimization, web accessibility and user experience.

Training web editors is a continuous process as the web is constantly changing. By investing in training, you can help your web editors become more competent and efficient, which in turn will improve the quality of your website and the user experience.

Support and training

Contact us for support and training.