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Service and support contracts

The benefits of working with open source platforms like WordPress are numerous. Today, over 40% of the world's websites use WordPress. The downside of using the world's largest publishing system is that security holes are discovered by hackers if you're not careful.

Our service and support contracts

In order to maintain a high level of delivery, we recommend that all our customers sign a service and support contract when the website is launched. This way we keep the platform, plugins and modules up to date.

We have packaged this service in the most affordable way possible. Many of our customers have some kind of need for updates to the website or for us to guide and help with the CMS tool a couple of times during the year.

To know that there is an hourly bank to call from, we believe is a good arrangement. In addition, other types of services are included along with an optimized operation of WordPress that makes our service and support agreement very appreciated and cost-effective.

Optimized operating environment

Hosting is included in all our contracts. Our hosting environment is specially designed and optimized for WordPress.

Of course, a "staging environment" for development and testing and a "production environment" for your live site are included. This is normally an item that corresponds to an annual web hosting cost on, for example, Loopia or Binero.

If you have a very well-visited website (30,000+ visits per month), run an e-commerce or have high performance requirements, we recommend a different setup via our partner Servebolt. We will of course help you with everything.

Updated environment

  1. We keep WordPress updated with the latest version and quality assure the system.
  2. We ensure that all modules and extensions are up to date to prevent security gaps.
  3. We continuously check the site to make sure nothing is broken or looks strange.

Safety first

In all our contracts, we can activate some additional security measures

  1. We enable two-factor authentication (2FA).
  2. We do not allow administrators to have "easy" passwords.
  3. We reduce the number of administrators in WordPress and give sufficient rights to editors.
  4. We activate a temporary block after X number of login attempts.
  5. We activate a blacklist after X number of login attempts.
  6. We have no open FTP outwards to your server folder.

What we do

Encrypted transfer with SSL Certificate

Google Chrome classifies sites without an SSL certificate as "Not secure". A website without an SSL certificate loses credibility and loses visitors. An SSL certificate ensures that sensitive information sent over the internet is encrypted between the user and the server.

Activation and management of SSL certificates via Letsencrypt is included in all our contracts. We activate https on your website free of charge if you lack it today. If you want any other certificate or a more advanced EV certificate, we will help you buy and activate it.

Backup: Separate and daily

Database backup runs daily or more frequently (if desired) and is saved for 30 days. You can choose to save a copy on your own Dropbox if you wish. Weekly backup of all source files and media is saved on a separate backup server.

Keep track of the situation with statistics & analysis

We check that the statistics are reported correctly in Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We set up Google's new statistical reports in Google Data Studio and share them with you via a public or private link. Read more about our work with Google Analytics 4 and event tracking.

WordPress Premium Plugins - Licenses included

By joining a Service and Support Agreement or an Operating Agreement with us, you automatically get access to licenses for several of the most useful, well-made and popular WordPress plugins. These include Gravity Forms, Admin Columns Pro and ACF Pro.

Support & timebank

Different businesses require different levels of support and updates on their site. We like to work closely with our customers to constantly develop, analyze, come up with ideas and improve. We have therefore developed a few different levels and packages so that you as a customer can choose the one that suits you best. When you buy an hourly bank, you get a reduced hourly rate.

Examples of what the hourly bank can be used for:

  1. Publication of text and images as requested.
  2. Ability to call or email for support questions or consultation.
  3. Working meetings, ongoing project management, training and support for new editors.
  4. Simple function settings or adaptations
  5. Ongoing design and development - small projects
Digital meeting Think Tank web agency

Continuous reconciliation meetings are included

We work with continuous reconciliation meetings for our bronze, silver and gold level contract customers. Depending on your contract level, we meet once or twice a year (in person or Google Hangout) for this type of review. We will go through a number of different fixed points each time we meet.

Are you interested in service and support contracts? Contact one of us!