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Operations & support

When your website is finally finished and ready to be shown to the world, it's time to go live. At Tankbar, there are ready-made packages at different levels. We will guide you to the most suitable and affordable solution possible.

Operation, management and support

We offer a management arrangement where we take care of your WordPress or WooCommerce site. We call it a Service and Support Agreement.

Tankbar provides, in addition to operation on its own servers, also setup and configuration at Norwegian Servebolt. Servebolt is currently the world leader in WordPress and WooCommerce hosting for e-commerce.

SSL certificate

As of July 2018, Google Chrome marks sites without an SSL certificate as "Not secure". A website without an SSL certificate loses credibility and loses visitors. An SSL certificate ensures that sensitive information sent over the internet is encrypted between the user and the server.

Activation and management of SSL certificates via Letsencrypt is included in all our contracts. We activate https on your website free of charge if you lack it today. If you want any other certificate or a more advanced EV certificate, we will help you buy and activate it.


The downside of using the world's largest publishing system is that security holes are discovered by hackers if you are not careful. We recommend two-factor authentication (2FA) on your WordPress installation. This removes 99.9% of all possibilities to hack into the WP admin. Read more about 2FA.

Statistics & analysis

We check that the statistics are reported correctly in Google Analytics 4. We set up Google's new statistical reports in Google Looker Studio and share them with you via a public or private link. Read more about how we work with Google Analytics and event tracking.

Support / Timbank

Different businesses require different levels of support and updates on their site. We like to work closely with our customers to constantly develop, analyze, come up with ideas and improve. We have therefore developed a few different levels and packages of our service and support agreements so that you as a customer can choose the one that suits you best. When you buy an hourly bank, you get a reduced hourly rate.

Support & training

Support is a key part of the work of our operations engineers and involves providing technical assistance, solving problems and ensuring the smooth and reliable operation of various systems and infrastructures.

Once we have finished developing a site, it is time to train web editors who have the fun task of filling the shell with content. This is where the web comes to life. To do this in the best possible way, it's time to go to school. This can be done remotely or on site with us.

Operations & support

Get a secure and reliable hosting solution. Contact us for more information.