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Social media

You should be where your customers are. That's why social media is a must for almost every business. They are perfect platforms for dialog and for strengthening the brand and customer relationship. But how do you manage your social media presence?

Advertising in social media

Today, social media is an obvious choice for marketing and communication. They are perfect platforms for dialog and the opportunity to strengthen the brand and customer relationship. The key to successful advertising is targeting the right audience - making the content interesting for those who take part in the campaign.

Some information is suitable for Facebook, some for Instagram, some for LinkedIn and sometimes YouTube is the best forum. We can help you choose your platforms and ensure that the impact of your advertising is maximized.

Channels we work with

Facebook advertising

The struggle and competition for a place in the user's news feed is fierce. It requires both knowledge and sensitivity to succeed. We tailor your ad campaigns to cut through the noise to your target audience, who can then spread the message further.

Instagram advertising

Advertising on Instagram is effective marketing to reach a wide audience and increase awareness of your brand, drive traffic to your website, increase sales, and much more. Instagram ads can be in the form of photos, videos, or carousel posts and can appear in users' feeds, in Instagram Stories, or in the Explore section.

LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform with over 800 million users worldwide. Most users are professionals and decision-makers. Here you can connect with key talent and create new business opportunities. LinkedIn is ideal for job advertising and B2B marketing, for example.

YouTube advertising

Make sure you are visible where everyone is watching. YouTube has over two billion users, is available in more than 100 countries, in over 80 languages, and offers a wide range of content from around the world. By targeting video ads on YouTube, you can showcase your business to potential customers when they are most receptive. With a wide range of factors such as demographic groups, interests, locations and remarketing lists, you can reach just the right audiences based on who they are, what they are interested in and what content they are watching.

Social media strategy / Content strategy

To thrive in the fast-moving world of social media, you need a well-thought-out media and content strategy. At Tankbar, we lay the foundation for your success by developing a strategy that creates long-term relationships and business value through social media. We guide you to the most relevant channels and provide clear goals for how your company should communicate. By defining the presence in each channel, from update frequency to audience, content and tone, we create a strong foundation for your social media presence.

Using a media strategy as a compass makes it easier to prioritize, delegate, analyze and evaluate your social media efforts. All necessary facts and guidelines are gathered within the strategy and it becomes your tool to successfully navigate the dynamic world of social media.

Ways to be visible on social media

There are two main ways to reach your target audience on social media platforms: through organic feed and advertising, including sponsored posts. The difference between the two lies in how you reach your audience and what kind of results you can expect.

Basically, the choice between organic feed and advertising is about a balance between time, resources and goals. Many successful strategies include both aspects, with organic feed building a strong following while advertising complements it to reach new audiences and quickly achieve specific business goals.

Organic flow

Organic feed refers to content that spreads naturally on social media without you paying to increase its reach. This content is based on your ability to create engaging, shareable and relevant material that your audience voluntarily interacts with. Organic feed is based on authentic followers and engagement and is more time consuming to build, but it can lead to stronger relationships with your audience in the long run.

Advertising and sponsored posts

On the other hand, advertising and sponsored posts mean that you pay to have your content displayed to a wider or specific audience. This can be a powerful tool to quickly increase visibility and reach new users. Sponsored posts are organic content that you choose to promote by paying for it to be shown to a wider audience than your existing followers. This method gives you more control over who sees your content and when it appears.

Planning, content, publication and post-processing

Once the strategy is in place, the important content work begins. It is now time to fill the media with information. This work can be done in different ways. Either you do it yourself, we share the responsibility or we do it all. In cases where Tankbar takes care of the planning, we develop a monthly plan that specifies which days each social medium should be updated.

You will get a calendar view showing the month's posts and a report with the posts for you to approve. This is followed by publishing and the important follow-up work of interacting with the target audience. On social media, the best way to win is to be personal and put the product in context, so that people really feel something. It is important that you always respond, comment and like your followers when they interact with you.

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Social media

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