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Web design

Web design, interface design, user interface. The term has many names, but ultimately it boils down to design for the web. The requirements for web design sometimes change from month to month. User-friendliness, devices, accessibility, target groups, customer journeys. At Tankbar we have the experience to help you and your business get it right.

Cornerstones of web design

UX design and accessibility

UX design includes guidelines to ensure a positive user experience, including accessibility, usability and user-centered design. The UX design is the result of the UX research.

Today, accessibility and WCAG rules (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) are becoming increasingly important. Depending on the requirements of your business, we will help you meet what you have agreed upon within your company. We challenge your colors and tones to ensure that CTAs and important areas are sufficiently contrasting and that, for example, an icon is always clarified with a label or that you can tab around the site.

Design system

As we mentioned earlier, having a well-developed design system is extremely valuable to your business.

It can be summed up as a collection of reusable components, such as navigation menus, form fields, buttons and cards, that can be used in the ongoing development and optimization of your site.

Low-Fi & Wireframes

In most cases, we produce a Low-Fi sketch of the site or project. The advantage here is to identify the most important elements, flows and interactions at an early stage.

Interface design

Using UX research, your brand identity and a design system to stitch everything together in what will be your new or updated website is an art in itself. But this is also where everything comes together. Header, navigation, footer, home page, all blocks, all surfaces, all views, all templates and functions and the very important mobile design. Often it is so important today that the entire design process is based on the mobile, you have probably heard the tired expression "mobile first".

Adam, UI designer.

Design system

In today's digital landscape, design systems are a valuable tool for organizations striving to deliver consistent and high-quality user experiences across different channels and products.

By implementing a design system, you can ensure that your product or service offers a consistent and user-friendly experience. This leads to increased user satisfaction and creates a stronger brand through a professional and consistent design.

A well-developed design system streamlines the work process by providing an extensive collection of reusable design elements. This enables faster creation of new designs without having to start from scratch each time, saving time and resources.

A design system makes it easy to manage design changes and updates. By updating specific design components, you can quickly and easily propagate changes throughout the system. This facilitates the scaling of your product or service over time and simplifies the management of new features and platforms.

Examples of projects where we helped with design systems

Sörmlandsleden mobile


The aim is to give people the opportunity to enjoy easily accessible and unique nature experiences. About 200 members of the Sörmlandsleden Association work actively and voluntarily to keep the trail open and in good condition so that everyone can hike in our beautiful nature.

See case
Digitala Nyköping

Digitala Nyköping

The goal of Digitala Nyköping was to create more opportunities to shop from local stores online. A digital marketplace open 24/7 that also serves as a digital shop window that promotes physical visits to the shops.

See case

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