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Brand identity

Brand identity is the visual, verbal and emotional personality of a company towards its customers and stakeholders. It involves creating and communicating a clear and consistent image of the company that makes it recognizable and differentiated from its competitors.

Create a unique corporate personality

Brand identity is at the heart of how a company presents itself to the world and how it creates relationships. It is about creating a unique corporate personality that communicates values, messages and culture in a consistent and memorable way. 

A strong brand identity is an investment that can provide long-term success and differentiation in the competitive market. 

Rasmus, Micke x2 and Luca Tankbar Digitalbyrå, Webbyrå

Elements of a brand identity

Logo and graphic design

The logo is one of the most visible parts of the brand identity. It often includes the company name, symbols, colors and typography. A consistent graphic design is also used in marketing materials, websites and other communication channels.

When we help with branding, we produce a graphic manual. A document that contains guidelines and specifications for the use of graphic elements. It includes the color palette, typography, image style, graphic elements, layout rules and examples of content.

Brand voice and tone

Brand identity also includes how the company talks to its customers and stakeholders. It is about identifying a clear voice, tone and language used in all communications, including marketing materials, web content and customer service. How do we want to be perceived?

Brand values and culture

A company's values and culture are at the heart of its identity. It is the values that permeate how the entire company acts, interacts with customers and decides on business strategy. It helps shape the company's reputation and relationships. 

What does the company's social responsibility look like? What demands are made on suppliers, for example.

Brand experience

Brand identity also includes the overall experience customers have when interacting with the company, its products or services. It is about creating a positive and memorable user experience that reinforces the brand's values and messages. 

This could be automated emails when the user signs up for a newsletter, or the day after they place an order. How we pack an order, packaging design and so on.

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