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Design, UI/UX

Design is a multifaceted discipline that is indispensable in the digital world. It combines artistry with technology and ease of use. The first important impression should be both appealing and functional. Our design team always has UX and UI on board - from the first brushstroke to the final design.

Finding the right balance

Finding the right balance between expression, identity, user-friendliness, search engine optimization and converting elements is the big challenge today. Because when we start design work for a new or existing website, we need to consider all these elements. This makes demands but it also gives us challenges, different challenges for each project and we think that's fun!

Content is also becoming an increasingly important part of design. Your videos and images can make a crucial first impression.

What we can help with

Web design

Web design, interface design, user interface. The term has many names, but ultimately it boils down to design for the web. The requirements for web design sometimes change from month to month. User-friendliness, devices, accessibility, target groups, customer journeys. At Tankbar we have the experience to help you and your business get it right.

Brand identity

Brand identity is the visual, verbal and emotional personality of a company towards its customers and stakeholders. It involves creating and communicating a clear and consistent image of the company that makes it recognizable and differentiated from its competitors.


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