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Pioneers in digital
presence and marketing

In 1996 we were one of Sweden's first web agencies. Today we are a comprehensive digital agency with unrivaled experience.

Markets and clients

Tankbar's main market is in Stockholm and Nyköping, but we also have customers all over Sweden and in other Nordic countries. The customer list includes everything from small and medium-sized companies to large organizations and listed companies operating in an international market. Tankbar is committed to long-term client relationships. For example, the agency has worked with Svenska Möten, one of Sweden's leading players in the conference and meeting industry, since 1996 when the agency was founded.

Our social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important issue for us at Tankbar. How do we impact society from an economic, environmental and social perspective?

Financial responsibility

First and foremost, of course, Tankbar must be profitable. If we are not profitable, it is not sustainable and we cannot contribute to an improved society. We have been operating since 1996 and have the highest credit rating (AAA). Secondly, it is about business ethics - both internally within Tankbar and externally depending on the suppliers we choose.

At Tankbar, we have high demands on the work environment - we want healthy, happy employees who last a long time, which benefits both us and society.

We work with subcontractors with good conditions for both their employees and the product they sell.

Social responsibility

Internally, it is about our employees having a good working environment, both physically and from a psychological perspective. That we have a healthy balance between age, gender, ethnicity and religion in the workplace.

External social responsibility includes ensuring that different customer groups are not discriminated against, and hiring from groups that are discriminated against in the labor market or that have difficulty getting a job.

Instead of buying Christmas presents, we donate money to Save the Children.

Environmental responsibility

Tankbar has a strong digital focus. This has great potential for both us and our customers. We advocate digital marketing and not traditional printed matter, which affects the environment and consumes resources through printing, distribution and transportation.

Tankbar wants to carry out long-term sustainable environmental work, both internally and externally. We want to use natural resources in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

We invest in environmentally friendly products and recycle as far as possible. Take your electric car when you visit us, and we will offer you a charge during the meeting.

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Employees with a range of skills

Our experienced employees have a wide range of expertise, both in breadth and depth. Their skills range from business developer, web developer and art director to photographer, social media manager and SEO/SEM specialist. The agency offers a 360 perspective of services and resources. You can get help with all aspects of digital marketing or selected parts.

Before any project, large or small, the team assembled at Tankbar needs to get to know your company, your industry and what you see in front of you. Otherwise, it's easy for the ball to be thrown over the goal or, for that matter, under the goal.

The fact that we all have the same view of what needs to be done and what is possible within the budget we have to work with is incredibly important for a successful outcome.

It may sound trite, but in a digital world it's easy to see fancy features over business benefits. Our responsibility, especially at the beginning of a collaboration, is to provide professional arguments and good advice so that we can make the right decisions together.

At Tankbar, we have a well thought-out approach that we consistently apply in order to achieve good results and the same clear objectives.


We offer the whole package, from strategy and design to development. As a customer, you can reach out more effectively and do more business.

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