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Svenska Möten

Svenska Möten is an organization owned by Sweden's top 140 conference and meeting facilities. They guide, guide and book meetings for the entire Swedish business community and a solid list of major framework agreements. Today, they are the leading meeting expert on the market. We at Tankbar have been a supplier of web and digital services since the start in 1996. Our oldest customer.


Prior to a major overhaul of the digital presence with svenskamö in focus, we needed to set a foundation, a why and for whom. The assignment began with a thorough feasibility study and subsequent workshops.

The objective could be clarified in the following pillars:

  • More efficient web and clearer customer journeys for each target group
  • More automated flows and smarter integrations
  • Sustainable codebase and structure
  • Security & Speed
  • Easier administration for editors

UX and user needs

The UX work began with a workshop to identify expectations and needs. After gaining a good understanding of the customer's goals and wishes, we conducted an observational study on today's website as well as interviews with a number of different target groups.

This resulted in these insights:

  • One of the most important aspects for a booker is good image material. "What do the premises look like? What sittings can we have? What's the environment like?"
  • Users want to know the facts about the meeting rooms: Seating capacity. Is it spacious? Are there windows? Are there connected group study rooms? Is there a camera and microphone?
  • The uncertainty about where the user has ended up, what is SvM? What can they offer?
  • A crucial factor in the selection process of facilities for users is its location and its hubs to airports and bus stations.
  • Users are looking for inspiration for their meeting. Many people are used to meetings. They usually want to "do something else" and are looking for something new.
  • It is important that users can clearly see what technical possibilities the facility / meeting rooms offer and if there is help available.

Observational study (Hotjar)

The Hotjar tool has been an important part of our toolbox for analysing behavioural patterns and identifying problem areas. The analysis has given us clear guidelines on what works well and what doesn't work so well on today's website.


We conducted interviews with end-users and the internal sales team. This was the primary part of our pre-study where we delved into the users' needs, problems and wishes.

Insight work

After collecting data from both the observational study and the interviews, we compiled all the insights and developed questions (How might we), which created tangible areas that we then took with us in both strategy and design work.

Iterative concept work

Based on our insights from the feasibility study phase, we started the next phase of the design process with concept work.

Together with the customer, we created wire sketches to define the primary customer flows. This process was carried out iteratively, where we produced and evaluated many design ideas to ensure that the most optimal and user-friendly solution was developed.

Content & Keyword Analysis

We carried out a thorough mapping and content analysis of the existing content that formed the basis for our planning of the new website.

Through this process, we also developed a structured sitemap, which is intended to significantly improve the SEO, user experience, and navigation on the website.

Furthermore, we performed an extensive keyword and competitor analysis to identify relevant search terms based on behavior and search volume.

A new and modern interface

Based on Wireframes and Low-FI sketches, we produced sharp design sketches for all primary views – start page, search and filter, facility pages with associated conference rooms, content pages, articles and navigation.

In this particular case, we started the work from a desktop experience and then broke it down into mobile components and customizations rather than a mobile-first perspective.

The conference market and professional bookers have a classic B2B desktop visitor pattern, so it was important to see how we could maximize the user experience based on that.

Technical solutions and automatic flows

Svenska Möten is a website that aims to make it easier for companies and organizations to find and book meeting rooms and facilities all over Sweden.

The site integrates several technologies to create a smooth and efficient user experience.


A Laravel-based API has been developed to store facilities and enable a fast and scalable search experience. The API manages the database of available facilities and provides robust search capabilities to match users' needs.


React has been used to manage complex user interactions when searching and filtering facilities. By using React, users can smoothly navigate and filter through the extensive range of meeting rooms and facilities.

Mapbox GL JS

Mapbox has been used to display facilities on a map, giving users a visual representation of where the facilities are located geographically and making it easier for them to find the most suitable location for their meetings.


WordPress acts as the underlying CMS and manages the content and structure of the website. It allows easy management of the page's content and allows administrators to quickly update and publish information.

By integrating these technologies, Svenska Möten We have created a powerful platform that enables a seamless and efficient process for finding and booking meeting rooms and facilities across Sweden.

Svenska möten Web Design

What the customer says

"Tankbar has exceeded our expectations with the new website for Svenska Möten. Their dedicated team has not only delivered an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly platform, but also seamlessly integrated key tools such as BookVisit and Lime. The collaboration was smooth and professional from start to finish, and the result is nothing short of impressive. Tankbar has truly proven to be experts in back-end, front-end, SEO and content. We at Svenska Möten are extremely pleased with the result and look forward to continuing our collaboration with Tankbar for future projects."

Tina Gustafsson Chief Digital Officer