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New website for non-profit organization that manages and develops about 100 miles of natural and cultural hiking trails.

The aim is to give people the opportunity to enjoy easily accessible and unique nature experiences. About 200 members of the Sörmlandsleden Association work actively and voluntarily to keep the trail open and in good condition so that everyone can hike in our beautiful nature.

Background and strategy

Sörmlandsleden in addition to a general refresh of the site, we were also looking for a better user experience. The goal was to create a new website that would better guide the user, help them discover and find hiking trails, and inspire them. Possibility of easy error reporting, better member pages with favorites and personal settings and to increase the conditions for commitment and membership.

Target group analysis

To identify past administrative challenges and what was expected from the new website, interviews were conducted with the secretariat, board and stage managers who maintain the trail.

During the design process, the interface was continuously tested. To understand the needs and wishes of the target group, hikers were interviewed and provided valuable information.

Needs and wishes

Offer help in planning their walk and provide information on what is available on the route, such as public transport, parking and water points. Provide inspiration about new places to visit, practical tips and relevant information. Avoid being surprised by pastures, temporarily rerouted parts of the route or a broken path.

To find the right thing quickly when the visitor already knows what they are looking for "I want to read about stage 35" "I want to become a member". Helping users when they do not know what they are looking for.

Throughout the design process, we have kept accessibility in mind. Every Sörmlandsled visitor looks different. Therefore, we have taken into account the following: structure and content, colors and contrasts, typography, consistent components and interactions, and more.

Choice of colours and shapes

We developed a completely new page structure based on the insights of the preliminary study and a new graphic profile with a unique font. We have chosen to work with natural colors but also maintained the classic orange color you can see on Sörmlandsleden's signs. The signs are reflected in many of the buttons on the page, as buttons, just like signs, are there to guide the user.

The images reflect the beauty of the nature you encounter when walking the trail.

Improved user experience

A major focus of the new website was to enable users to plan their walks quickly and easily. By offering a list view of all trails, divided into stages, loops, hiking trails, with the possibility of filtering and searching, the user can quickly find relevant trails.

Each trail has its own landing page where you can dive into relevant information for that particular trail. With information such as facilities, public transport to the location, maps, user pictures, error reports and accessibility to name a few, the user is able to really plan.

Member pages

For members, we have made major changes to membership and payments. Now each account is unique and it is easy to pay online and become a member in just a few minutes. Immediately after payment by card, you have access to "My pages" and reach login-protected material, can mark favorites and also mark the trails, stages and circular routes you have hiked under "My achievements".

Membership management has resulted in better and easier management for the office. Members, lists, exports and payments are now managed in a much more modern way, which saves money and frees up time for other things.

Smart features

Features we are very pleased with are the ability to find exactly the hiking trails and apps you want based on criteria such as area, length, accessibility and facilities. This allows visitors to filter suggestions according to their own preferences. We have also added the moonrise and sunset with the help of an enthusiastic member as an extra complement to the sunrise and sunset.

It feels great that we, together with Sörmlandsleden , have set a very good foundation for something that can be developed every year with new functionality and further improvements. There have already been requests on the list and this is exactly the kind of cooperation we appreciate!

The site is based on WordPress combined with WooCommerce for My Pages and Stripe for membership payments.

What was the outcome of the project?

The new website fulfills all the aims and objectives set before the start of the project. A user-friendly website that will most likely increase interest in hiking on the trail, easier and lower threshold to become a member and thus increase the conditions for an even better hiking trail and funds for more digital development. Reduced administration with smart and simple solutions for membership management.

We thank you Sörmlandsleden for the trust and wish all hikers a good trip - both on the site and on the trail.

Sörmlandsleden website