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One of the Nordic region's leading event package tour operators

Tankbar has worked with Nöjesresor since 2017 and over the years it has developed into one of our closest and most fun collaborations. Nö is today one of the Nordic region's leading tour operators in event packaging.


Tankbar has been working with Nöjesresor since 2017 and over the years it has developed into one of our closest and most enjoyable collaborations.

This page and case are regularly updated with the latest information.

It is a continuous development project from server and performance to back-end, UX research, interface design and front-end development.

Let us tell you about the latest update launched in June 2023.

New live interface

After working through the purchase flow in the fall of 2022, we felt that large parts of the profile set in 2019 could be challenged. We presented a proposal for Nöjesresor that turned out well. We developed new views for product pages, navigation, header, heroytor, footer, new search components and more.

It was a real boost for the site and time was scheduled for implementation and development.

Unmoderated user tests

By using unmoderated testing, we have been able to collect valuable user data and insights to help us validate and evaluate our design solutions in a user-centered approach. Following the tests, users were asked to complete a questionnaire to find out their views on the design and its interactions.

This is a cost- and time-saving method because we can test design solutions and work on them iteratively before developing the solution.

Guiding and inspiring search function

To facilitate and guide users to their desired hotel package, we have undertaken an iterative design process and developed significant improvements to the site's free text search field. As a result, we also developed a brand new search function that allows users to search by city and date.

This search function is specifically designed to inspire users who are looking for ideas and may not yet have a clear idea of what they want to book.

New navigation

In the assignment, we made sure to put a lot of focus on the navigation for mobile devices, but also for desktop. The updated interface provides a better user experience for all target groups. With clear entrances, larger print areas and easy access to Customer Service and Questions and Answers.

We have also worked to ensure that the search and the search box are always present in a good way. By making it appear in white against the dark blue color, it gets a focus that we believe suits the target group.

Updated Checkout

One of the most important functions of an e-commerce site is the checkout page. Here we have worked with observational studies and analysis to see which parts are particularly important to the customer.

It is about clarity on cancellation insurance and what the order actually contains and other details.

Since there is a lot of detail, unlike a regular consumer product such as clothing, the checkout needs to be informative, but simple at the same time.

Previous major projects

Tankbar has worked continuously with Nöjesresor's development for several years. The project has clear roadmaps for every six months, which has resulted in several major releases:

2017 - Launch of Nöjesresor 1.0 with WooCommerce - Read more here.

2018 - Updated mobile UX/UI

2019 - Updated API and back-end work

2020 - Redesign and facelift

2022 - Updated purchase and booking flow with React Front-end.

What the customer says

"For us at Nöjesresor , Tankbar has played a crucial role in guiding us through a competitive market. The challenge lies in the complexity of our product and industry. Here, Tankbar has always had solutions to our questions and requests and at the same time solved it in innovative and new ways.""

Nö reference Niklas Eklund
Niklas Eklund CEO, AN TRAVEL AB