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Complex e-commerce in the garden furniture and beds segment

The family business Kila Möbler outside Nyköping has been a client of Tankbar for many years. With their large department store and professional warehouse behind them, we have over the years been responsible for developing, refining and optimizing e-commerce. The latest was a major remake of the product pages and all purchase flows. A customer-focused UX work laid the foundation for a new interface and customer journey.

Preliminary study

Much of the customer journey in this industry and segment that Kila möbler is in is about the discovery phase - explore, filter, sort. We developed new product cards with a more elaborate strategy on temporary and fixed tags and attributes.

Before putting on our expert hat and thinking too much, we conducted a feasibility study consisting of:

  • Observation study and visitor patterns
  • Analysis of GA data
  • Interviews
  • Workshops
  • Low-Fi sketches and prototypes

Customer objectives & challenges

The pre-study clearly clarified all the challenges and problems that existed based on the different customer journeys and depending on the type of product visited. But above all, the complexity of many things to consider, different combinations, possibilities and choices.

That was the basis of the assignment - to solve the flow in the best possible way based on all possible scenarios, both desktop and especially mobile.

Visualize choices more clearly

Many product types and product groups are made up of multiple components, and these components may in turn contain additional choices. We wanted to optimize the experience so that it was identical whether you visited the site on desktop during the day or from your mobile phone in the evening. You would easily find and get the same experience.

The result was to present choices in what we call fly-ins. A way to visualize information, images, prices in a flow that is relevant to the moment but does not affect the initial overview.

An iterative and ongoing design process

Throughout the project, ideas and implementations were challenged and refined. Our continuous insight and analysis work gave us and continues to give us insight into the entire user experience on kilamö From the first visit and search for products to the purchase process and recurring visits.

We understand that every step of the customer journey is important and are continuously working on improving and adapting e-commerce to meet users' needs and expectations.

Modern and converting design solution

In autumn 2022, we made sure to modernize the solution we implemented in 2020. Category pages, filtering and facets got a facelift and sewed the whole user experience together in a good way.

Development and Woocommerce

Since 2013, Kilamö is powered by WooCommerce together with integrations with several systems and APIs.

Large parts of the site also use modern technologies such as:

  • WooCommerce REST API
  • Visma Business (ERP) API
  • Klarna Checkout (PSP)
  • Ingrid (TA)
  • Loop54 API (Search, Category Navigation and AI Personalization)
  • React JS
  • Tailwind CSS
This is what the header and product page looked like in 2015.

Previous major projects

Tankbar has worked continuously with Kila Möbler's development for several years. The project has clear roadmaps for every six months, which has resulted in several major releases in recent years:

2013 - Kilamö launches e-commerce version 2.0 with WooCommerce

2020 (spring) - Rebuilding search, category pages, facets and filtering to React and APIs

2020 (fall) - Rebuild the entire WooCommerce theme from scratch with better structure of assets and dependencies.

2021 (fall) - Large UX project with analysis of the entire website with focus on the product page including design work to review the entire purchase flow.

2022 (spring) - Redesign of all product pages, product types, purchase flows and new shopping cart.

2022 (fall) - UX/UI work on category pages and filtering including development.

2023 (spring) - UX/UI work on checkout and POS including development.

What the customer says

"We have been working with Tankbar for many years and during that time have worked continuously with the web and e-commerce and run several major projects together. Tankbar turns what we can only convey in words into reality. They are responsive, work proactively and come up with many of their own ideas and solutions. In addition to improvements, they help us with maintenance, choice of suppliers and ensure that no part of e-commerce is left behind."

Kila Möbler Hampus reference
Hampus Ekblom CEO & Head of E-commerce