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Frey's Hotel & Lilla Rådmannen

Frey's hotel and Lilla rådmannen header image
New websites for two hotels in the center of Stockholm. That was the assignment when Tankbar renewed the websites of Freys Hotels and Lilla Rådmannens in close collaboration with the hotels. The project was efficient, fun and fast-paced.

An effective face lift

A facelift for two lovely hotels in the center of Stockholm - a fun assignment for us at Tankbar. A large team got involved in the project: Developer Kalle Johansson, art director Mikael Askenberg, SEO professionals Mattias Ek and Pontus Annerbäck and UX designer Alex Kappel.

Later, our copywriter Janna Holmqvist was also involved, as was content manager Linda Saltskog. On behalf of the hotel, Sara Johansson, sales and marketing manager, drove the work. "We were a large team and the work flowed very efficiently.

We landed with the hotel in a style of red, gold and sand, with more text at the top of the site - and a host of other changes.

Red, gold and sand

In the design work, we focused on how we could match the results and insights of the SEO analysis, which included requests for text blocks at the top of the sites. This resulted in clear headings with capital letters and introductory presentations that immediately catch the visitor's eye.

Focusing on the graphic profile, our designer Mikael Askenberg landed on a textile feel and a consistent color scheme with clear CTA components. It is always important that visitors are supported to take action. That's why CTA, call to action, is a priority.

The style is in tones of red, gold and sand - something that also appears in the hotels. The Gotham quality font from Hoefler & Frere is used throughout.

Focusing on Google

Mattias Ek, one of Tankbar's SEO stars, provided support throughout the project to ensure that both Freys and Lilla Rådmannen achieved the best possible results on Google.

As so often, Mattias noted that the sites needed more text high up, before the user scrolls, which is something the search engine appreciates. This is called "above the fold" and is a classic trick to rank high in the search engine. Of course, it doesn't stop there. To be seen on Google, and preferably on the first page, a number of technical and writing tricks are required. During the work, Mattias suggested a number of points that make the site SEO-optimized.

Our goal was to release the sites in early 2020, but the work went faster than that, thanks to effective contact with the hotels' representative Sara Johansson. She wrote all the texts for the sites herself and we at Tankbar supported with copy and search engine optimization tips via Janna Holmqvist and Linda Saltskog.

Challenging and fun

Tankbar's developer Kalle Johansson led the work of programming the sites for Freys Hotel and Lilla Rådmannen. Also in this part of the project, Sara Johansson from the hotels was present and involved, which made the work easier and more fun. We appreciate when customers are involved - it makes the process more efficient from start to finish.

The sites may seem simple at first glance, but they contain a number of components that made the work quite challenging, says Kalle. He explains that these include links to the hotel's booking engine and integrations with Loopon to retrieve customer reviews.

"It was great fun to build the sites, it turned out well. They were nice and good to work with - it's always fun", the developer summarizes.

Welcome to Freys Hotel

Take a look at what the finished site looks like.

Frey's Hotel and Little Councilman Desktop header