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Digitala Nyköping

The goal of Digitala Nyköping was to create more opportunities to shop from local stores online. A digital marketplace open 24/7 that also serves as a digital shop window that promotes physical visits to the shops.

A unique collaboration

The platform Digitala Nyköping has been developed in collaboration with Nyköping Municipality, Sörmlands Sparbank, Länsförsäkringar Södermanland, Region Sörmland, Sörmlands Media and Mälardalen University.

Needs and wishes

Here we needed to consider two primary users, the stores and the stores' customers. The stores needed to be able to easily present their products, campaigns and activities in an easy-to-use administration tool.

Store customers must be able to buy different products from all the different stores, which they can then choose to pick up in each store or have delivered to their homes.

Graphic profile

Our basic idea for the graphic profile was that it should inspire confidence and breathe digital. We chose a playful font that reflects the project's slogan, 'Shop digital locally'.

Technical platform

The e-commerce platform is based on WooCommerce where we integrated Swedbank Pay in the checkout. For deliveries, we have set up integrations with Svensk Hemleverans and Early Bird. You can also choose to pick up your order directly in the store.

In addition to regular products, shops have the possibility to rent out premises or products. The customer can immediately see which dates and times are available, book the desired day and pay directly at the checkout. The function with bookable products can also be applied to registration for courses, concerts, dinners or tastings.

Shops' own pages

Each store has its own login where they manage products and incoming orders. In addition to posting goods for sale, the stores also have the opportunity to easily create time-limited campaigns with discounted prices on selected products. In cases where you offer services that cannot be packaged as a regular product, it is possible to tell more about this under the "Services" tab.

To display their products on common promotional spaces, seasonal or more permanent, shops have the possibility to tag their products with labels such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, gift, etc.

Evaluation and improvements

After release, an analysis of the visitors began. Using the Hotjar tool, we delved into session recordings of user behavioral patterns and heat maps to understand how users behave and what potential problems arose. Based on this, we then proceeded with design adjustments and improvements for a better shopping experience and thus increased conversion.

New modules and features

Six months after the launch, version 2 was launched with a host of improvements. New possibilities for bookable products, clearer product categorization, banners plus collection pages to highlight products by season, presentation of services, etc.

Evaluations and improvements are ongoing and we are already looking at what can be included in future updates.

Digitala Nyköping full-scale
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