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Artkampen - Sweden's coolest fishing competition


Challenge yourself and your friends. This year we've filled Artkampen with lots of fun achievements. Complete them and you'll get cool rewards that you can proudly show off! Plus, everyone who registers their first catch gets a free ice cream sent to them by SMS.

Unlockable achievements for an engaging experience

By meeting clear goals, the user can unlock achievements, each with a unique medal. Linked to achievements, the user also gets a new unique profile customization such as moving avatar effects and background images.

Top list for competitors

Artkampens The leaderboard is a central part of gamified design and plays a crucial role in promoting user engagement and motivation.

Animated avatar effects create dynamics

We developed and created a variety of both moving and static avatar effects and background images that allow the user to create their own unique profile.

Competitions in the contest

The brief from Sportfiskarna for this year's version of Artkampen was to create competitions within the competition. To encourage, inspire and motivate all participants. Last year was all about the top 3, which meant that some participants pulled away and had a big lead.

The keyword was gamification and finding challenges that would suit all geographical areas in Sweden and that you could, for example, challenge your closest friends in various small challenges. A good brief and a good collaboration with an exchange of ideas led to the following results.

artkampen app

Preparation and gamification

In Artkampen 2.0, we have added additional elements of gamification and game-based design solutions to further engage users. We have done this using the strategic approach of game thinking, which involves using games and game-like elements to solve problems and create better experiences. We have also used industry-leading gamification frameworks to help us create intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in users, which in turn leads to higher engagement.

The challenge with this year's version was a lot of new functionality. 

The creative height increased and all parts were sharpened for the development phase. There was a lot to be solved technically, both front-end and back-end.

We started looking at how contest entries were connected to users and how users were connected to challenges through the contest entries and how the challenges unlocked rewards, all in a big dynamic ecosystem. All in a large, dynamic ecosystem and framework.

A very fun, slightly different development project where we can now create new challenges and new digital rewards for users for each new summer vacation!

Artkampen on Youtube

Sportfiskarna has produced a wonderful and engaging movie on Youtube. Here you can see Victor and Hanna fishing as much as they can, with the goal of becoming big fishermen in Artkampen.

Other channels for marketing have been, for example, SMS mailings to last year's participants, ads in the magazine Svenskt Fiske - Sweden's largest fishing magazine.

What the customer says

"From the first meeting with Tankbar to the final product, it has been a joy to work together. Tankbar's responsiveness and creative and solution-focused approach has been a common thread throughout the project. I also really appreciate working with an agency that has all services under the same roof, everything from idea and concept to UX/UI, development, operation and support."

Viktor artkampen app
Victor Sandberg National Youth Officer