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Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous AA Mobile
AA Sweden is a non-profit organization that is part of the international Alcoholics Anonymous. With its nationwide presence, AA has over 450 groups spread throughout the country that you can turn to if you have alcohol problems.

Background and strategy

AA Sweden contacted Tankbar as part of a procurement for a new website, focusing on Open Source and WordPress.

The needs were mainly a refresh of the existing website. It must be easy to find and search for meetings and groups.

For the AA, it was important to find a safe and reliable long-term partner who could provide operations, management, service and support even after the website was launched.

Target group analysis

To understand users and their needs, we conducted in-depth interviews with active members, long-standing members, new members and relatives.


The website is visited by a wide audience, so the design has to suit everyone. This requires the design to take into account, among other things, contrasts, the ability to enlarge texts, clear click areas and easy-to-read texts.

Requests for improvements

The website was perceived as old and outdated.
The new website is designed to help people find the right information quickly.

The page should radiate caring.
It is important that the impression is supportive and welcoming - not intimidating and cold.

It was difficult to know which meetings to attend.
"Can I come to this meeting? Am I welcome?" The types of meetings needed to be better explained.

Difficult to search for groups the first time.
"I'm so new, I don't know what some groups are called"

Very difficult to find meetings on mobile.
"Too many pages. It's just page after page after page"

Not sufficiently targeted to new members.
New members want the site to be adapted so that they understand all the information better.

A more modern interface

The website and brand were overhauled. The request was for a new website that feels modern and welcoming. We reviewed the colors, typography, icons and overall design language.

The choice of design, shape and color scheme is based on conversations with relatives and members of AA. To create a comfortable and inviting feeling but at the same time keep a serious and serious tone with imagery that is recognizable.

Improved user experience

Improving the user experience and the various customer journeys has been the main focus of the work on the new To accommodate both those who want to quickly find meetings in their region and those who are looking for online meetings. Some want to read about others' stories while others are more interested in the AA organization. Those who work actively want to be able to see what future activities are going on within the AA organization.

These are some overall customer journeys in addition to the micro-conversions that happen on the site. For us, much of the work was about making it easy and clear for a visitor to find the right information through few clicks and clear interaction.

A searchable and quick solution

This was crucial for a searchable and fast solution. In addition to using WordPress, we built an API and data warehouse for searching and filtering all groups and their metadata.

By using modern technologies together with Mapbox API for maps and GPS positioning, we were able to meet the expectations and high demands.

Alcoholics Anonymous AA full-scale website

What the customer says

"Based on our request and web sketch, Tankbar has contributed with SEO and design improvements and is a knowledgeable, responsive and flexible partner. The site is stylish, fast, functional and has received much praise from users. We at AA are very pleased with the result and our ongoing collaboration."

Alcoholics Anonymous AA Logo